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Soaring Bridge| Amsterdam Light Festival

Year : 2019.

Location : Amsterdam.

Program: Amsterdam Light festival Competition | Light Installation.

Credits : Visualization: Ahmed El-Daly.



Crossing moments are peaceful quick moments in our lives, they repeat every now and then, they are part of our daily trips, they became given and we tend to skip them faster to reach to the other side & eventually our destinations. But they are more than this! They are border lines, they are journeys, they are gates, they must be explored and stand out.

This intervention tends to shock, halt at first glance by appearance, then raise wonder, interact and respond to movements by light. New scale and light interrupt the daily trip and defeat the norm. 



Everything is moving around me, everybody is surpassing me, what do they think of me ?!  Am I just an object, am I static, am invisible or visible ?, who am I? I’m quick moments in their lives. No, no I'm not a punctured wall nor a paved floor, I'm more than this I'm history, I'm a witness, I'm here for ages and I will remain.

I feel every movement, every little step, those water movements shivers my body, tickles my skin, I feel everything, I'm alive. I will stand out, I will express my feelings, I will disrupt their movements, I will disrupt my silence, they will see me, I will be felt, I will be heard, streamed that’s the start. I'm unique !



Via boat: The boat is moving, we are looking at each other in wonder, what is this on distance?  Is that an illusion? We are confused, mixed feelings .. We see light waves on a gigantic shell, or those are wings, what kind of sea creature is that??!! as we approach closer, its scale is dazzling, it encapsulates us, the light patterns are moving, the space start to shrink, it’s getting tighter, it is sucking us, we are inside of it, we are inside of a new wonder, we stay for a while, then it is granting us to pass. Oh, we are safe again, what a frightening experience.  

Cyclist / Pedestrians : This is our daily route, everything around seemed in place as before, yet today something unusual happened, we saw those protrusion coming out of the water through the bridge, we saw changing patterns of light similar to water waves, as we step into them they alter and echoes our movement, as if we are stepping into water creating light ripples. We disrupt it with our movements, and it disrupts back. 


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