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Role: Facade Redesign | Interior Design proposal.

Year : 2017.

Location : Cairo, Egypt.

Program : Offices | Clinics.


Client: Al Marasem Egypt .

The project is a redesign  proposal for an existing building “structure state” that will be rented out for Offices & Clinics “Women oriented”.

Starting from the detail, The facade existing module is articulated in a way to create maximum usage of sun orientation, vision and usability. This module give depth to the facade & could be applied in a playful way to avoid monotony.

Internally, The different building clusters are treated in  the form of blocks that are connected via a  floating platform. 

For materials, The ides was to use earthy material that seamlessly blend with the existing residential context materials . The interior spaces are treated with the same stone of the exterior, creating a seamlessly in|out authentic experience. The wood is used to give a warm feeling and colors are used at certain points for orientation.

Beverly Hills 

Offices & Clinics

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