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Educational Wells

Year : 2015 .

Location : Cologne, Germany.

Credits : D.G.O. Lammers,  Rob Willemse , Ralph Brodruck.

Program: Elementary and Secondary Schools, Canteen, Kindergarten & Library.


This project has gained recognition and was supported by the community, the full story can found at

This project is not only dealing with the grand layout or great monuments or details but also

deals with the in-between realm with an interest in the city, history & sociocultural life.

This Project try to give answers to problems facing our contemporary cities such as differing

buildings scales, the meaning of buildings & the relationships between buildings.

Symbolically, This project creates an interplay between the past, the contemporary and the timeless, a scent of the past and architectonic language of the future.

It involves a spatial experience that creates a gesture and a journey involving body and

memory conveying symbols and meanings.

Architecturally, This project gives a place for kids and community, a home and a world of opportunities, an initiative & a prototype for the possible ways for the treatment of the deteriorated conditions of the building’s inner core.

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