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Role: Designer.

Year : 2013.

Location : Jerusalem, Palestine.

Program: Futuristic Highrise.


Jerusalem an everlasting fight, where Conflicts lead to people’s short sight and lack of


There is a continuous fight on the land rights new immigrants from Jews are migrating to

Israel, building new settlements, Palestinians are seeking their occupied territories back

and lots of Bedouin tribes are wondering in the desert without a permanent settlements.

We share the same origins, so within the bigger image we should complete not compete,

the more we get together the better our chances to survive.

This project is a shared development so there would be no struggles upon the land, we will

be living on common ground. The common ground is a place where our children and new

generations meet, play, develop, evolves and blooms combined by our commons, benefiting

from our similarities.

Each tower is occupied by an ethnic group and at a certain phase the towers twist occupying

each other’s recent position, a metaphor for the religion common positions and views that they shared at different phases.

The collective gardens are happening every interval of 8-10 floors and it is intended for bringing people together, promoting the unity, enhancing communication within the diverse community.


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