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Year : 2019.

Location : Alamein , Egypt.

Program: Residential Desert Escape House.

Escapes away from the city at the heart of the North-West Egyptian desert.

The prototype phase 01 residence is composed of G+1 floors (200 m2 building foot print) surrounded by 2,5 Fedan of Agriculture reclamation.

The idea was to create an oasis in the middle of this remote location, the interplay between indoor, outdoor and in-between spaces using greenery and light barriers creates a sense of security& privacy in the middle of this vast void.

Internally Spreading the house around a matrix of pools, green pockets and open courts gives a sense of Luxury /Mansion Like effect defeating the given house small scale.

An entrance tower is introduced anchoring the block and creates a sense of orientation.

Material palette is composed of earthy materials and nature color mix.

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