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Year : 2019 .

Location : October , Giza, Egypt.

Program: Kindergarten.

The kindergarten/day care is designed for kids aged 1.5 up to 5 years old.

The idea is to design familiar kids’ spaces, where kids don’t feel alienated without a good sense of context, but rather create spaces that are contextual and well connected, yet secured and can function independently.

A story Drawn out of kid’s imagination by Using pure, easy forms and keywords to define the design such as playful, joyful, order & scale. The shape is conceived as a pure rectilinear form easy to comprehend. The playfulness of the form stimulates kid’s imagination beyond perception, unleashing their instinct for exploration.

On the upper level, the volume rotates 90 degrees overlooking open views towards the entrance and back garden, resulting direct visual connection & unobstructed views, alluding the sense of isolation and creating a decent cantilevered entrance porch underneath, moreover, as a result of rotation an extended play terraces occurs on the sides.

The facade is scaled into appropriate kids scale and logic, inspired by Lego prime color palette & module. Using appropriately sized, playful module that repeat with an interplay order between open, solid & varied color palette. Openings are placed at different heights creating varied viewing point.

The plan is configured out of consecutive layers, indoor play areas surrounded by group room that are surrounded by outdoor play areas.

Internally, the plan is organized around a welcoming meet and greet indoor play area that lead to either the group rooms, teacher’s room or outdoor garden. each group room includes its own sleep room, lockers, bathroom, pantry and main activity open space that has a direct link to outdoor play area.



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