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Year : 2019 .

Location : October , Giza, Egypt.

Program: Praying space & support facilities.

Located on the edge of the development, marking the residential compound entrance gate & facilitating public street side access during Friday prayers. The mosque is composed of female prayer hall with a private access from outside plaza, male prayer hall and wedding procedure hall at basement level.


The mosque footprint is 777 m2, which is relatively small due to its location as a pilot planned mosque in this area, serving not only the compound but also the neighboring residential blocks.


In order to mark the mosque domain and give the grand Friday mosque manifestation a secondary skin is introduced; this marks the mosque Periphery. The resulting space becomes the mosque’s urban public lounge hosting gatherings, outdoor prayers and dictates the beginning of the transition towards tranquility.

The mosque is organized as layers of transition from public outdoor to semi-public indoor to private, transition starts with the outer skin layer marked by its Minaret. Then to the indoor hall, upon entering, you are faced with a treble height space and a background engraved wall with the name of Allah lit from above via a skylight. This hall sort the user’s movement throughout the facility either to the shoe-racks,   ablution, toilets zone or directly towards the prayer hall or wedding procedure hall. Void is cut to visually connect different levels. Side window is added to visually connect with the outside as a continued indoor public space, triggering public infiltration.


Manifestation: Mashrabiya an authentic Islamic treatment. Given the twist, the outer skin device is made out of elevated Mashrabiya -like panels allowing access and gives privacy & shade for the outdoor plaza and building body, moreover Islamic itching donates to the building character. The Mashrabiya is cut open at certain points (main hall, etc.) while remaining at others (female windows opening etc.).



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