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Year : 2019 .

Location : October , Giza, Egypt.

Program: Commercial/Workplace.

The design brief demand to create timeless architecture for an up-to-date work environment.

Our design question started with defining the new trends for work environment & their usage pattern. We tackled two issues, first, the inevitable segregation between work complex and public, second, the demand for flexible spaces & collective retreat areas.

Our answer was to bring more public complementing facilities in a close proximity to work zones, in order to bring liveness to the abandoned after work hours blocks. Dedicating the ground floor for creative and more public engaging activities including dance studios, retails, and café with the right mix of ingredients liveness is brought around the clock.

The complex is designed in the form of an urban block with cuts that lead to an inner collective space, we brought nature serene space to the heart of the complex that would host breaks, collective activities away from the main street and offer pleasant views overlooked from within the building lounges and vertical circulation cores.

We are faced with new trends of work patterns like co-working space with the demand for direct enhanced connectivity, the plans are conceived in an open plan manner with possible connection for the upper level across the buildings.

In order to maintain the timeless feeling, the facade is treated in an authentic manner following base, body and capital structure with an abstract treatment. The Entry is defined by a treble height recess for orientation.



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