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Family House

Role: Design+Build.

Year : 2007.

Location : Cairo, Egypt.

Program: family residence serving three users:

1- Ground floor Residence for myself.

2- First floor Residence for my sister.

3- My father in a separate studio at the upper top level.

4-An underground parking level, that can be transformed into a common room in the future.


A house for a father and 2 sons, The brief argued for a flexible house with clear ownership division among the brothers with the possibility of ownership  changes, in addition, the spaces should be flexible enough to accommodate future user changes.


1- All entries are organized around a main stair case element that regulates the connection.

2- A multiple leveled garden wraps the house from all sides & expands the space to the below ground level. 

3- The facade is treated with a unified white color to liquidate the differences between the floor plans and enables the house stand out from the neighboring colored houses.


Pierson William Booher”:

“The ‘deep set shutters’ are a series of recessed window pockets, slight multifunctional intrusions into the space that give depth to the façade while creating an interior shelf. The most practical aspect of the window recessions is a sense of privacy and humanity they provide, creating variations along the facades that cast shadows and give a texture to the form. Not only do they break the planarity of the façade and bring the exterior inside, but they allow for an open window during a heavy rainstorm, as their form naturally protects against water infiltration.”



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