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Pier 80

Year : 2014 .

Location : Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Credits : Neslon Mota.

Program : redevelopment of an existing library, community center& introduce a new sports hall and a residential block for elderly, starters and family.


A Design being inspired by people’s needs and for people’s usage, a space carved out by people’s movement, a building story that contributes to the public realm not giving its

back towards their needs.

A project that is complex but not complicated, a complementary and homogeneous diversity, in-interrupted circulation& a seamless spontaneity.

A project featuring unity & diversity, part and whole, simplicity & complexity, individual &collective, surprise & sudden, human & contextual, modest & vibrant, Identity & popularity,

spatial variety & ambiguity, Together not versus through the interplay between the private and public realm & the articulation space.


The idea is achieved through the division of the huge undefined plot into a number of smaller spaces organized around the residential block that interplay with one another and with the neighboring blocks . A new level of possibilities is achieved by enabling an extension for the activities on the podium top.

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