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Year : November 2018.

Location : Dubai, UAE.

Program:  Commercial | Residential | Serviced Apartments  | B.U.A. 52750 m2

 “The full tectonic potential of any building stems from its capacity to articulate both the poetic and the cognitive aspects of its substance” Kenneth Frampton

The brief composed out of commercial, residential & serviced apartments. Flexibility, spatial qualities and programmatic complexity were equally important for our design.

We wanted to give the tower a specific character & add another layer to the image of the city, the tower is composed out of parts that clearly represent its respective functions. The disruption and clear openings occur in certain areas dictating the presence of the collective body and connects visually to the context.

Lessons learnt from predecessors ,this tower is not only a city within the city but it’s more of “for us by us”, in that sense, In order to create a dialogue between neighborhood, community, water front and the tower & to promote engagement within a holistic inclusive approach. Towards the neighborhood side, a commercial two level podium is introduced with direct access to an outdoor plaza and street life activity. Seamless extension to the public activity at the podium top comes the residential collective area with an infinity pool that overlook & connect visually to the water front.

Access to different functions happen at different sides of the tower, common core that runs all the way through the tower is shared amongst different functions without intercepting each other zone.

The middle portion of the tower is the transition between residential and serviced apartment entities. The disruptive shift and openings try to grasp attention from distance towards the recreational activities at those floors. The first shifted floor float towards the water canal, it host pool, spa and gym. The upper shifted floor is dedicated for restaurants. A result to the shift & interplay, generous outdoor terraces occur at various sides.

The tower has a flexible grid approach that accommodates a variety of apartment mixes ranging from 1 BR , 1 BR duplex, 2 BR, 3 BR & 3BR duplex apartments.

Water Canal Side.jpg
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