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Year : 2016 .

Location : Cairo, Egypt.

Program: Science City.

Special Thanks to Harry Abels 

There’s a fine line between fact and fiction, between a moment and a perfect representation of that moment. Melissa Denes, Picture Perfect, the Guardian, 15 October 2005.

The real design question, what could be the prefect model for humanity evolution? History shows that civilizations evolved through cross cultures and communication, the tool for this was one of the best human inventions; the vessel. It’s the vessel that take us into a journey involving body and mind, its first reference in history  was the Noah’s ark ; the first vessel that transferred all co-existing living species to the safe lands, in Egyptian history the Egyptian solar ships transferred the dead to their new destination and eventually new life. Afterwards curiosity and evolution simultaneously emerged through expeditions around the globe discovering new lands and new patterns of life, this quest for knowledge demanded more sophisticated vehicular tools and inventions to be born such as carriers and space-ships.

Beyond manifestation creative designs convey messages and have functional purposes. The ancient Egyptian living monuments explored those links between manifestation, geometry, functionality, technology, orientation and order. Looking at a section of the massive pyramid in a solid void representation, we discover that the pyramid has no burring chambers but it has another functional  purpose, where the thin ventilation shafts run all the way penetrating its body to the core providing better preservation qualities for the underneath tomb, another example the great Abu Simbel sun phenomena where the sun penetrates the temple to align on the sculptures on two specifically chosen dates, also the sphinx  it’s a prosthetic technological addition a human head to an animal body, later on, enhanced derivatives occurred in different way with different purposes such as Theo Jansen hybrid kinetic sculptures that use wind energy to move .

Aesthetics and Ethics
Philosophy, futurology, science and fiction. People process messages in various ways, the proposal is using this interplay between various medians ; technology, science and geometry to send a message to public stimulating their wonder. And as one of the surest signs of wonder is exaggeration, using a partially elevated monolithic gigantic vessel with a sphere “globe” hanging atop of it projects the idea of universality and the supreme power of technology over the human scale. With feet on the ground and eye on the sky the vessel seems to be on a state of move and could be rebirth at any time.
Future can’t be predetermined, thus the building can’t be predetermined it only suggest the general framework for possibilities, flexible adoptable spaces connected by variety of routings in a scenographic settings takes people through a journey  to the upcoming. And as Knowledge is the basis for existence, atop of the project plinth rise humanity “the existence” as known in its active daily pattern. 


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