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Year : 2020.

Location : Sheikh Zayed , Egypt.

Program: Mixed use, Commercial , Wellness, Pharmacy, Clinic & Flexible Workplace.


The link is a place where memories are to be created and shared. The clock tower, the park, the photo corner, the roof terrace will be a part of our embedded mental images.
The Idea is to create a setting that can accommodate our differences, a platform for connection, this environment should reflect on our variances while bringing us together.
The urban block was the start with collective space at its core, then carving cuts for movements and connection to the adjacent park, the mass started to evolve.
The clock tower marks the entry of the town center from the street side, the elevated mass creates a gate towards the collective space, and in order that space connects seamlessly with the park.

Sustainability and flexibility are main derivatives of design:

Massing are facing east west orientation with a minimum south facing façade, the only space facing sun is protected with a circulation passage covered with sun louvers.
The office space is designed in such a scattered manner to create in-between gardens and shaded space that can host outdoor gathering.
The parking is pushed downwards creating a car free space for public domain, connected visually to the collective platform with a big green cut that brings light in, structurally the parking roof will be light structure as it hosts only pedestrians above it.

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