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Urban Terraces | Manifsto on future living 

Year : 2018 .

Location : Urban Metropolis.

Program: 48 m2 Work/Live.

Credits :Nova Awards​.

Future homes should be flexible, generous, tolerant, smart, self-sufficient & sustainable. 
This model of micro housing of 48 m2 spanned over two floors offer enormous possibilities for flexible patterns of use.
The initial idea is to create a place for self-support families, a place that can host startups, to work and stay with a clear split in activities throughout day and night. A place where families can grow their own food & use it for self-consumption or production and profiting. 
The spaces are expandable via its terraces giving a liberated platform for new activities to occur, for instance, The ground floor expands, opens up & blend with the street life activity, giving potential window for an office, bar, street café to happen.  On the urban level, the Terrace create a sheltered arcade for pedestrian, it can also incorporate street lighting solutions.
Water is the main source of life, collection and smart use is an urge. The house skin collects the rain fall in different compartments within the outer wall skin. This water is then used partially, internally for cooling and heating and externally for growing plants. 
Smart solutions for furnishing make the space more accommodating also they are used to define boundaries, for instance, There is a clear division and hierarchy in privacy within the plan between public work zone and private zone defined using the pantry and storage units.
The vertical stacking creates a hierarchy in privacy as well, where the first level start to disconnect from the street life and connects with the its own terrace and the roof life activity (pool and garden )

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