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Every step was/is a learning process & by being open and flexible enough to cultures, the absorption and possibilities are limitless | BE.




Architecture is a passion and I believe in the positive contribution of our professionalism and its humanitarian impact worldwide. My work approach reflects tailor-made solutions for every specific task by addressing: the city, sociocultural heritage, public contribution, identity, phenomenology, scenographic elements of space with a percent of anticipation for the different patterns of future usage.





Feb. 2013/2015                 Msc. in Architecture from the TU Eindhoven. 

                                       TU Delft “half the Msc. Course load” ,Netherlands.


Sep. 1999/2004                 Bachelor of Architecture, Cairo University, Egypt.


Professional History


2018 | Jan 2022                  Part time Lecturer | Graduation projects at                                                     AASTMT “ RIBA I Validated ”

2018| Fall                           Part time Lecturer | Undergraduate Architecture                                             program Design 301 | Finishing Material at A.U.C.


June 2017 | Jun 2018          COLAB (Partnership), Cairo, Egypt. 

                                         Position: Design lead, Collaborator.


Nov. 2015 | Dec. 2016         AS-Architecture, Netherlands.

                                         Position: Lead Design Architect


Apr. 2015 | Aug 2015           Mada Architects, Egypt.



Dec 2009 | Jan 2013           Dar Al Handasah “ in collaboration with P+W”  

                                        Egypt/Lebanon. Position: Team Leader.



Nov. 2007 | Mar. 2009         Burthill Kosar Rittleman, Dubai, UAE.

                                        Position: Design Architect



Oct. 2004 | Nov. 2007         Dar Al Handasah                                                                                         Egypt/Lebanon. Position: Design Architect



Water Canal Iconic Tower, Dubai, UAE.
Tatweer Towers , Dubai, UAE. 
The Pointe palm residence, Dubai, UAE.
The Palm Jumeirah village center, Dubai, UAE.
The World Island Villas , Dubai, UAE.
Pier 80 Housing , Rotterdam, NL.
Row Housing block 01&02, Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam, NL.
Row Housing block 05&06, Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam, NL.
Row Housing  block 22,25&26 , Issabellanand, Hague, NL. 
Monarch Residence , Giza, Egypt.
Garden Hills C5 , October, Egypt.
Calma residence ( Landscape).

Design + Build
Palm hills villa , October , Egypt ( IN/EXterior )
Family House , Cairo , Egypt.( IN/EXterior)
Palm hills villa, Katameya , Egypt ( IN/EXterior )
Karma 4  town house, Cairo , Egypt.( Interior)
Mountain View townhouse , Egypt ( Interior)
Jeera villa , Egypt ( Interior )
Lake View penthouse , Egypt ( Interior )
Mivida residence , Cairo , Egypt (IN/EXterior Finishes execution)

Monarch Mall  I, Giza, Egypt.
Monarch Mall  II, Giza, Egypt.
Ibn Batuta mall, Dubai , UAE. 
Dragon mall expansion , Dubai , UAE.
Bu el Qubeb & Ahmed Market, Doha, Qatar.
Iranian Souk, Doha, Qatar.
Alfardous Square , Cairo, Egypt. ( Urban )
BMW / MINI Showroom , Egypt ( Interior )

Monarch Office Complex, Giza, Egypt.
Alnasr housing headquarters , Giza, Egypt.
Transport Control Centre, Riyadh, KSA.
Up Axis Building, Motor City, Dubai, UAE.
Community Complex, Iraq.
Ritaj Complex, Doha, Qatar.

Healthcare Sector 
National University for Science and Technology educational Hospital - NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan
Palestine Hospital, Amman, Jordan.
Al Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Beverly Hills ladies clinic center, Giza , Egypt.
Monarch Clinic Center, Giza, Egypt.

Monarch Kindergarten, Giza, Egypt.
Dar Al tarbeya , October , Egypt.
Educational Landscapes, Cologne,     Germany. “ Public Choice”

The Holy Mosque Expansion, Mecca, KSA.
Signal Tour, Oran, Algeria.
Monarch Mosque, Giza, Egypt.

Transport Sector
Concourse D, Dubai, UAE
Al Marwah Station, Mecca, KSA.
Senegal International Airport,Senegal.
Sharm El-Sheikh airport, Sharm, Egypt.

Intercontinental Hotel, Tripoli, Libya.


Destination Development 
AL Awir, Dubai, UAE.
Jebel Ali Race Course, Dubai, UAE.
Dubai Transit city ,Dubai, UAE
Center Business District  Ho Chi Min, Vietnam
Parc Dounya, Algiers, Algeria.

Competitions Participated in
2018 | Emaar iconic mosque competition,      Dubai , UAE. 
2018 | Manifesto on future living, Nova awards, Metropolis . 
2016 | Science city , Cairo, Egypt. 
2013 | Evolo Skyscraper competition,         Jerusalem, Palestine.
2011 | Hotel Centro Competition, Guadalajara, Mexico.
2009 | Benetton competition in Tehran, Iran.
2007 | Redesigning of the FC Barcelona          stadium.
2006 | One of the six winners of the EDF (Egyptian Designers Forum) annual competition.

(alternative planung fur den klingelputzpark                                 kommt aus holland)

Klingelpuetzpark Bildungslandschaft / Educational Landscapes, isbn 978-613-4-92430-6

M.Bassem Elfeky

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